Mohanji International Foundation

We thank you for your cooperation and greatly value your contribution to our non-for-profit organization that seeks to add value to humanity and the world at large.

When you make a donation to the MOHANJI INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION registered in Switzerland operating globally, you acknowledge that:

1. This donation is to be either used for a specific project or left to the discretion of the board members to decide which activities will receive the funds; and

2. your full name, address, phone number and email are kept for Good Financial Compliance; and

3. you are the actual donor of the fund; and

4. the money you are donating are of legal origin (example: savings, inheritance, profit from business, salary, etc.).

Please note that the above information is required for good compliance and maintaining an excellent standing with the authorities as well as the bank. In fact, the donations could be returned back by the bank if the bank deems the due diligence has not been properly conducted by us or the origin of the money is not legal. That would incur our foundation a cost without the benefit of the donation.

Our sincere thanks.

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